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Safety Tracking System (STS)
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There is an inherent benefit for any construction company having a safety check done from "outside the box" by a 3rd party non-partisan safety firm. With this STS clients see confidential safety performance for each project as well as the overall combined company safety performance real-time; week-to-week, month-to-month, whatever the reporting interval that is set up. For the STS to perform, a trend line must be established. It takes at least 3 data points to establish a trend line and this is typically done over a 6 week period. As your company's trend line improves the reporting interval is stretched out to monthly, then to quarterly and eventually semi-annually. The STS is designed so that over the life of the service it is minimized to just a low semi-annual/annual "check up" cost. ​

The most important thing to remember with this STS is that the more inputs (safety evaluations) per data point the more accurate and reliable the trend line and summary sheets are. It is recommended that you have at least 1 safety evaluation per ongoing projects per data point.

This STS has been in use in its present format since 2001 and was developed so that Company Management could see ongoing safety performance & trending in real time in just a few minutes. ​It is a safety tool created primarily for use by Safety Professionals in Lotus 123 and adapted to Excel by which Management can actually see what to fix.

The STS construct is effective whether you self-perform or use subcontractors across multiple projects or even just one. It can be constructed to give you a report on Company wide safety performance & tracking as well as individual jobsites.

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