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Bob Pope, Construction Safety Specialist providing jobsite safety services and training in CT, RI, MA, NY, NYC, NJ and beyond
Even if you have a good safety program and employ full-time safety personnel Our services & Safety Tracking System (STS) can help to improve your safety performance. The STS was designed specifically with Construction Companies in mind. This STS gives clients confidential real-time data on at-risk behaviors & conditions and establishes a safety trend line. The STS is more economical than third party web-based tracking systems and software. The STS data input runs on Lotus 123 and Excel platforms which offer the end user a customized report that is easy to read and understand. It is a simple and effective platform and format for construction companies that subcontract or self-perform work.

The return on the investment (ROI) in this 3rd party service is realized in annual reductions in EMR, WC costs and incident rates. The STS is a good safety tool for CM's, GC's, OCIP's and effective subcontractor safety management. Even an improvement from a good EMR of 0.75 to 0.65 yields a 14% reduction in annual WC premiums. There's no reason for your ROI not to easily exceed 100% of cost well within the next 3 year EMR cycle.

We are looking first to secure your interest in the STS as an integral part of a short or long-term Service Design; further,if you have full-time safety personnel consider investing only in a “Lifetime License” to have and use the STS in lieu of any services. 

The STS is a deliverable with all jobsite safety services. The cost of this STS deliverable varies with the size of the company and number of ongoing projects. All services are fixed fee to help you know and manage costs.
All Jobsite Services are protected with General & Professional Liability Insurances
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Safety Tracking System (STS)